Pig Man Road Slaughtered Victims Unit

Vote for Plot#1 – Support Boys and Girls Club

Please vote for Plot#1 — aptly titled “Alien Abduction” — as we tell the real story of what happens on Pig Man Road.

Join us on Saturday-October 23, 2010 from 6-11pm for the Second Annual Pig Man Road Halloween Bash sponsored by the Sturgeon Point Sportsmen’s Club.

This year PMR SVU (Tiger Schmittendorf & Crew) has designated the Boys & Girls Club of Lake Shore as their charity of choice when they win the Scariest Plot Contest.

Keep the legend alive and please help us support the formation of a Boys & Girls Club in our area by downloading and distributing our PMR SVU POSTER and by telling all of your friends to attend the event and vote for Plot#1: “Alien Abduction”.

Remember to like “Pig Man” on Facebook.

“Our Boys & Girls Club may be the single most important investment our community ever makes.”
— Tiger Schmittendorf


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