Pig Man Road Slaughtered Victims Unit

The End is Near.

The End is Near: Fear. Fear. Fear.

There’s only three days left before the big event: The Pig Man Road Scariest Plot Contest.

The event and contest are hosted by the Sturgeon Point Sportsmen’s Club. Here’s how it works:

  • Teams of people or organizations are encouraged to purchase 10 ft. deep x 20 ft. long “plots” to set up their Halloween display.
  • Each bash attendee receives one vote to cast for the scariest plot in the contest.
  • Determined by popular vote, the first place prize is 25% of the total proceeds of the event. Second place wins 10% and third place gets 5% respectively.
  • The prize money is then contributed directly to the winners’ selected non-profit organization, which must be located within the confines of the Lake Shore Central School District.

Last year’s event was attended by more than 500 people and this year’s bash hopes to draw 750+. There’s music, food and adult beverages available with contests for the scariest and best costumes too.

Our crew has been very busy “plotting” every night for the past two weeks to create another award-winning set. And this year, we’ve doubled the ante on the competition by purchasing a double 10×40 plot.

This year’s theme: “Alien Abduction” is sure to conjure up memories of some 1970’s B-movie — mutilated with more recent nightmares of the legend of Pig Man Road.

We hope you can join us on Saturday night and be sure to vote for Plot#1: “Alien Abduction” to benefit the Boys & Girls Club of Lake Shore. Remember to look for us on Facebook.

PS — And just to get your blood flowing, here’s a sneak-preview of just one of the features of this year’s plot presented by PMR SVU: Pig Man Road Slaughtered Victims Unit.

Dead bodies are always nice "on ice."


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