Pig Man Road Slaughtered Victims Unit


PMR SVU: Pig Man Road Slaughtered Victims Unit — was the title of our plot for the 2009 Pig Man Road Halloween Bash Scariest Plot Contest.

A group of friends with a common interest in having fun and scaring the **** out of people on Halloween got together to enter the competition in hopes of raising some money for a local charity. With a lot of props, hard work and a little imagination, our crew of Tiger and Laurie Schmittendorf, Pat and Ruth Davis, Jack and Lynn Krajacic, Randy and Lori Renn; and Dave and Heather Shean put together a great display that blew the doors off the competition — and we’ve got the pictures to prove it.

Most importantly though, we had a great time and raised more than $1,500 for Cradle Beach Camp by winning first place. Now the highly coveted Pig Trophy — 20 lbs. of pink concrete — goes with us wherever we go together.

Last year we added Jeff Connors, Paul and Ann Cooper, Mike Krajacic; and John and Cindy Latimore to our cast and we won the for the second year in a row with “Alien Abduction.”

Back in action with “Zombie Disco Disaster” in 2011, we’ve brought in this year’s rookie scare specialists Andrea Sunday and Janell Dutchess to create an even bigger and better halloween display as we go for a three-peat of the Scariest Plot Contest.

PMR SVU: Winners of the highly coveted 2009 Pig Trophy

Our goal is simply to have more fun together and to raise thousands of dollars for our common goal of creating a home for the Boys & Girls Club of Lake Shore.

We hope you’ll join us October 22nd, 2011 on Holland Road and at every opportunity to help the Boys & Girls Club.

Dare to be Scared!

Thanks in advance for your support.


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